Lesson 9: Korean Negative Imperatives

Positive Imperative Negative Imperative
Informal Do – 해 (hae) Don’t – 하지마 (ha-ji-ma)
Formal Do – 해요(hae-yo) Don’t – 하지마요 (ha-ji-ma-yo)
Honorific Do – 하세요(ha-se-yo) Don’t – 하지마세요 (ha-ji-ma-se-yo)

Informal negative
Rule : Take 다 (da) off from basic form of verbs and attach 지마 (ji-ma) to it.
Example : Do – 하다 (ha-da) – 하지마 (ha-ji-ma)
Eat – 먹다 (muk-da) – 먹지마 (muk-ji-ma)
Go – 가다 (ga-da) – 가지마(ga-ji-ma)
Write – 쓰다 (sseu-da) – 쓰지마(sseu-ji-ma)

Formal negative
Rule : Attach 요 (yo) to informal form.
Example : Do – 하다 (ha-da) – 하지마 (ha-ji-ma) – 하지마요 (ha-ji-ma-yo)
Eat – 먹다 (muk-da) – 먹지마 (muk-ji-ma) – 먹지마요 (muk-ji-ma-yo)
Go – 가다 (ga-da) – 가지마 (ga-ji-ma) – 가지마요 (ga-ji-ma-yo)
Write – 쓰다 (sseu-da) – 쓰지마 (sseu-ji-ma) – 쓰지마요 (sseu-ji-ma-yo)

Honorific negative
Rule : Take 다(da) off a plain form of verbs and attach 지마세요(ji-ma-se-yo)
Example : Do – 하다 (ha-da) – 하지마세요 (ha-ji-ma-se-yo)
Go – 가다 (ga-da) – 가지마세요 (ga-ji-ma-se-yo)
Wear – 입다 (ib-da) – 입지마세요 (ib-ji-ma-se-yo)
Wash – 씻다 (ssit-da) – 씻지마세요 (ssit-ji-ma-se-yo)
Smile – 웃다 (oot-da) – 웃지마세요 (oot-ji-ma-se-yo)
Play – 놀다 (nol-da) – 놀지마세요 (nol-ji-ma-se-yo)

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  1. Wow, I have to say that these lessons are very helpful for someone who is really wanting to learn Korean, and without my parents knowing.
    Will you be posting up more lessons?

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