Lesson 16: At the Market

We are going to discuss about a short conversation at the market in this lesson.

Salesclerk : Hi there. May I help you with anything?

어서 오세요. 무엇을 도와 드릴까요?
(uh suh o seyo. moo ut eul do wa deu lil gga yo?)

Customer : How much is this shirt?

이 셔츠는 얼마입니까?
(ee shyu cheu neun eol ma im ni gga?)

Salesclerk : It is 10,000 won. What size do you wear?

만 원입니다. 어떤 사이즈를 입으시나요?
(Man won im ni da. uh ddun ssa i jeu leul ib eu shi na yo??)

Customer : Could I have the largest size you have?

제일 큰 사이즈로 주세요.
(Je il keun ssa i jeu lo joo se yo.)

Salesclerk : Here you go.

여기 있습니다.
(Yu gi it sseum ni da.)

Customer : May I try it on?

입어봐도 되나요?
(Ib uh boa do doe na yo?]

Salesclerk : Sure. The fitting room is over there.

그럼요. 저쪽에 탈의실이 있어요.
(geu lum yo. Ju jjok eh tal eui shil i it ssuh yo.)

Customer : Do you have this in other colors?

다른 색깔은 없습니까?
(Da leun saek ggal eun ub seum ni gga?]

Salesclerk : They also come in blue and black

파란색과 검정색이 있어요.
(Pa lan saek gwa gum jung saek i it ssuh yo.]
Customer : I’ll try on both of them.

두개 다 입어 볼께요 .
(doo gae da ib uh bol gge yo)

Salesclerk : How are they? Do you like it?

어떠세요? 맘에 드시나요?
(uh ddu se yo? ma eum eh deu shi na yo?)

Customer : Yes, I like it. I’ll take blue.

네, 마음에 들어요 파랑색을 살께요.
(ne, ma eum eh deul uh yo. pa lang saek eul sal gge yo.

Salesclerk : OK, follow me.

네, 이리로 오세요
(ne, ee li lo oh se yo)

Customer : Could you give me a receipt?

영수증을 주세요.
(young soo jeung eul joo se yo)

Salesclerk : Yes, here it is.

네, 여기 있습니다.
(ne, yu gi it seum ni da)

Customer : Thank you

(gam sa ham ni da)

Salesclerk : Thank you. Good bye.

감사합니다. 안녕히 가세요
(gam sa ham ni da. ahn nyung hee ga se yo)

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