Lesson 12: Other Particles 2

Lesson 12 Other Particle 2

Place Particle: 에 (eh), 에서 (eh su), 로 (lo), 으로 (eu lo)
에서부터 (eh su boo tu) 까지 (gga ji) 에까지 (eh gga ji)

I went to school yesterday. – 나는 어제 학교에 갔습니다.
(na neun uh je hak gyo eh gat seum ni da)

I met my friend at church. – 나는 교회에서 친구를 만났습니다.
(na neun gyo hoi eh su chin goo leul man nat seum ni da)

I came to Korea from United States. – 나는 미국에서 한국으로 왔습니다.
(na neun mi gook eh su han gook eu lo wat seum ni da)

In this sentence to is 으로 and from is 에서.
I went to the library to study. – 나는 공부하려고 도서실로 갔습니다.
(na neun gong boo ha lyu go do su shil lo gat seum ni da)

I ran from school to home. – 나는 학교에서부터 집에까지 뛰어 왔습니다.
(na neun hak gyo eh su boo tu jip eh gga ji ddwi uh wat seum ni da)

In this sentence from is 에서부터 (eh su boo tu) and to is 에까지(eh gga ji)
Let’s run to home. – 집까지 뛰어가자.
(jip gga ji ddwi uh ga ja)

Toward Particle: 에게 (eh ge) 께 (gge)

I gave that book to my sister. – 나는 그 책을 내 동생에게 주었습니다.
(na neun geu chaek eul nae dong saeng eh ge joo ut seum ni da)
I gave that book to my father. – 나는 그 책을 아버지께 드렸습니다.
(na neun geu chaek eul ah bu ji gge deu lyut seum ni da)

In an honorific sentence, we have to use 께 (gge) instead of 에게 (eh ge).

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  1. Lessons 10, 11, and 12 have been lifesavers. I’m currently using FSI’s online course to learn Korean. Although quite grueling, it has proven very rewarding. I needed an overview on particles to increase my understanding and yours is terrific!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. It would have been useful if you defined the words in this section, I was familiar before reading but needed a reminder. For people learning first time this would be a fairly impossible jigsaw to decipher!

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