Lesson 3: Making a Korean Sentence

Let’s make a sentence.

Basic sentence formation is like this:

{Subject/Topic+particle}  +  {Object+particle}  +   {Verb/Adjective+conjugation}

Example:  나는 학교에 갑니다.

나 is subject
는 is particle
학교 is object
에 is particle
갑니다 is verb

Sentence Practice
1) A is B – A는 B입니다

You could switch A and B.

A can be I (나)  You (당신 or 당신들)  He (그남자)  She (그여자)  They (그들)
We (우리)  this (이것)  that(저것)  these (이것들)  those (저것들)

B can be student (학생)  teacher (교사)  boy (소년)  girl (소녀)  soldier (군인)
police (경찰)  doctor (의사) desk (책상)

I am a student. – 나는 학생입니다. ( na-neun-hak-saeng-im-ni-da)
* If subject has final consonant, 는 has to changed to 은.

They are doctors. – 그들은 의사입니다 (geu-deul-eun-eui-sa-im-ni-da)
* 입니다 sounds like 임니다.

This is a desk. – 이것은 책상입니다. (yi-gu-seun-chaek-sang-im-ni-da)

2) A go to B – A는 B에 갑니다.

You could switch A and B.

A can be I (나) You (당신 or 당신들) He (그남자) She (그여자) They (그들)
We (우리)

B can be school (학교) park (공원) store (가게)  restroom (화장실) hospital (병원)
police station (경찰서)  church (교회)

I go to school. – 나는 학교에 갑니다.
* basic meaning of “go” is 가다.  In the sentence it changes to 갑니다.

We go to church. – 우리들은 교회에 갑니다.

10 thoughts on “Lesson 3: Making a Korean Sentence”

    1. Yes, particle needs to be in all sentences. Unlike English, Korean language has subject particle and object particle. In Korean, ‘I’ does not change to ‘me’. It is just 나. Depending on what kind of particle comes after 나, it can be a subject or object.

  1. I would like to ask, how for example “Her sad sorrow” is written by korean language ? (genitive + adjective + object) one who’s from Finland.)

    1. You can write it like this 그녀의 슬픔

      Her is 그녀의
      sad is 슬픈
      sorrow is 슬픔

      But 슬픔 is a noun that comes from 슬픈 so we don’t write both in the same sentence.

  2. Is there a difference between:
    “우리들” and “우리” ?
    Because you said that “우리” can replace A in a sentence,
    but used 우리들 as example. Or does it mean the same thing?
    Thanks 🙂

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